3 things to ignore on your property hunt

Most buyers have a mile long list of all of the things they absolutely should pay attention to while on the hunt for their dream property, but there are also a few little known things that should be ignored, if possible.

Ugly colour schemes

While the colour of a room may be the first thing you notice, you shouldn’t let this detract you from noticing other more important property elements.

Look out for things like the shape of a room, or whether there are built-ins and windows, rather than worrying about paint colours. A fluoro green room may be off-putting but it is actually one of the easiest things in a home to change, so try to look beyond ugly colours if you can.

The idea that homes get too “old”

Some people assume that new equals better, but there can be a lot of value to be found in an older home. One of the main advantages of older homes is that they have proved that they can stand the test of time, meaning they are likely to be constructed of solid and quality materials.

Older homes also won’t date in the same way as a brand new home. While the fittings and fixtures in a new home may look daggy in just a few years, those in an older home may have already taken on a timeless appeal.

Lack of privacy

If you walk into a home and feel a little exposed, or can see right into the neighbours then there’s a good chance that there’s an easy fix.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple investment in new window treatments to make a place feel a little more “snug”, but if that fails then tree and plant placement is another way to add a bit of privacy.

Hedges can grow metres tall and privacy screens can be placed where you need them, so don’t worry too much if the property in question feels a little too close to the neighbours for comfort, because there’s likely an easy solution.

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