5 ways to get your garden ready for winter

Dreaming of a beautiful garden to escape to in winter?

Spending time in the garden doesn’t need to be reserved for just summer and spring. In Australia we are blessed with relatively warm winter climates that mean we can enjoy a garden in winter that not just survives, but thrives as well.

Even if your garden is looking a little rough around the edges there are just a few simple adjustments you might need to make.

1. Remove plants that won’t make it

Plants that are already starting to rot or show signs of disease aren’t going to make it through the cold months so it’s best to remove them now, even if just to improve your garden’s appearance.

Remove weeds at the same time so you’re starting with a nice clean slate for growing new plants.

2. Give the lawn some love

Make an effort to look after your lawn now to help it stay in good condition throughout winter. Provide it with slow-release fertiliser to feed on and keep it well hydrated.

Remember to rake leaves away regularly too so they don’t kill off the grass underneath.

3. Select the right plants

There are plenty of plant varieties that do well in the cooler weather, however you need to ensure you pick the right ones. It’s always a good idea to ask for advice from your local garden centre to ensure you pick the right plants to suit your garden and the climate you’ll be growing it in.

If you have pot plants in your garden it’s also a good time to assess their sun needs and whether or not they will need to be moved for the winter months.

4. Fix drainage issues

Garden areas are more prone to staying damp in the cooler weather. To prevent water build-up and possible fungal problems in plants, make sure that plant beds have adequate drainage.  

Keep in mind too that plants may not need as much watering in winter as they don’t get as much of a chance to dry out as they do in summer.

5. Make it warm and cosy

If you want to hang outside in your garden on a cold winter’s night then it could be worth investing in some kind of heat source. Mobile heaters are popular options, or you could look at installing a backyard fire pit if you have a bit more garden space.

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