4 easy ways to make your rental property more appealing

Looking to achieve maximum rental return on your investment property and not sure where to begin?

There are quite a few things you can do to help make a rental more appealing and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Try focusing on some key elements that renters are looking for to help get your rental noticed.

1. Make it clean and modern – You don’t need a brand new property, but if the property is well presented and features a few modern day luxuries then it’s likely to appeal to a broad range of tenants. A few things you could do include improving landscaping, repainting, changing flooring and adding features such as air-conditioning.

2. Include garden maintenance – A lot of renters are looking for fuss-free living, so don’t want to spend their weekends tending to gardens. Having garden maintenance included in rent can take that stress away for them, plus it ensures that grounds remain looking their best. 

3. Let in pets – A lot of people have pets, so by discounting them you may be excluding a large chunk of your rental market. Whether or not a tenant has a pet has little to do with how well they will treat the property so it is a good idea to review any pets on a rental application before you think about discounting them altogether.

It’s also worth noting that changes are coming into effect in Victoria by July 2020 that will mean landlords won’t be able to reasonably refuse the request of tenants to keep a pet at their property.

4. Highlight privacy and security– Everybody wants to feel safe and secure in their home, and tenants are no exception. Make sure that all windows and doors can close and lock properly. Also check that gates and doors are up to scratch. If you want to make improvements to the security at the property consider investing in things like security doors, alarms or new fencing depending on the particular property’s needs.

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