4 easy home projects you can complete over the Easter weekend

With many people having four days off over the Easter weekend (and the ANZAC Day public holiday coming up too!) there’s no doubt that a lot of much needed DIY home projects will be getting underway.

Spending some time refreshing your home over Easter is a great idea for those who need to prepare their home for sale, or even for those who are just looking for a simple update.

Since there is only so much you can get done in a long weekend you may need to prioritise what gets done. Here are some ideas that will make sure your precious holiday time is well spent.

Fix up the front fence

If you don’t have time to give the entire yard an overhaul then focus your attention on the first thing that attracts the eye – the front fence.

An attractive front fence can make your home the envy of the street. What you need to do will depend on the current condition of your fence. Fixing loose or missing palings or a lean might be a good place to start.

A fresh coat of paint will work wonders and will help dramatically improve your property’s street presence. A new gate, letterbox or plants along the fence line will also help give the property some extra pizzazz.

Tidy up the shed

One of the biggest cleaning jobs in a home is often the garden shed, simply because there’s less of a need to keep it looking good compared to the rest of the house.

An organised shed will make life easier and can be looked on favourably when selling.

Clean the area as much as you can and get organised by putting up some shelfs and cabinets. Aim to find a space for everything that you keep in there. If you’re short on space then consider hanging things from walls or the ceiling.

Fill up empty walls

Clutter can be a problem in some homes, but other homes have the problem of looking a little stark and bare.

If your home has blank walls and needs a bit of character then use your weekend to source some artwork.

Local markets can be a good place to find some great locally inspired pictures for your walls, otherwise there are plenty of fantastic options online or in boutique or department stores.

Adhesive picture hooks are a good choice for hanging pictures if you’re concerned about leaving marks on walls.

Create a new kitchen colour scheme

Kitchen looking a little out-dated? While a brand new kitchen would be nice, it’s not always in the budget. A cheaper way to give an old kitchen a modern look is to add a splash of paint where it’s needed.

With a bit of preparation and the right kind of paint you can add a new colour to cupboards, drawers, splashbacks and even counter tops.

Adding new handles on doors and a new sink or appliances are other options if you have a bit more time and money to spend.

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