Tips for selling in a cooling market

Property prices have cooled across much of the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to sell.

It’s true that there’s not the same level of buyer competition around as there was pre-2018, but strong property prices can be achieved for those who understand the market they are selling in and are willing to make their property stand out from the crowd.

What can you do?

Get the right advice from the start

When the market is tough you need to find an experienced agent who understands the area and has proven results.

You need to feel confident that your property is being left in the right hands, so don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials or for further information to help you feel confident your agent will do everything they can to get the price your property deserves.

Set a competitive asking price

You need to be careful not to overprice your property as this will simply scare buyers away, and hence could actually result in you getting a lower price for your property.

Find out what similar properties in the same area are selling for to help gauge what a fair market price is.

Make sure your property stands out for the right reasons

You want your property looking its very best at sale time. Take the time to clean, declutter and fix anything that needs to be repaired at the property so as to maximise its value. It’s also generally worth staging the property to further help catch the attention of buyers.

Invest in marketing

In a slow market you might need to spend more to catch the attention of buyers. Buyers have more choice in a slowing market so you need to work harder to ensure your property is on the top of their “must see” list.

Be prepared to wait

When there isn’t a lot of buyers around you might need to be prepared to wait for the right offer to come along. Try to be patient and work with your agent to figure out the best course of action to help your property get sold as quickly as possible.

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