Should you buy based on school zones?

With the summer school holidays almost over, many parents are starting to think about where they want their kids to go to school in the years ahead.

Picking a school isn’t as easy as it seems however, with many schools requiring that their students live within designated school catchment boundaries.

This means that parents should start considering the school they want their child to go to years before they need to enrol them to ensure that they have time to move into the right zone if they need to.

A few things to consider:

Property prices and rents will be higher in popular zones

Everybody wants to put their child in the best school possible, which means localities around high-rated schools will be in high-demand, and this pushes up property prices.

Be prepared to spend a bit more to buy a property within a popular school zone compared to what you will pay for neighbouring suburbs outside the school’s catchment boundaries. The same goes for rental properties, as a lot of parents will choose to rent in an area temporarily to be in the right school zone.

– It may be possible to enrol out of catchment

Students can sometimes be enrolled out of catchment if they meet certain criteria and/or if there are enough free places available. Check with the school you want to enrol in if there is likely to be any spots available for your child to enrol.

Some schools are so popular that parents will line up overnight to make sure their child has first dibs on an out of catchment enrolment.

– School zones and reputations can change

Be careful of buying a property too far in advanced, based on the school zone it’s located within.

School zones can change over time, with some shrinking due to demand going up or vice versa. If you want to guarantee that your property will stay in a school zone then it’s a good idea to stay well within its boundaries.

On the other hand a school’s reputation may change over time, or you may find the school isn’t suitable for your child, so you may need to move again if you moved for a school too prematurely.

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a property for a family. If you need help finding a property to meet all your needs in Werribee and surrounds contact Professionals Triwest Real Estate.

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