Appealing to buyers in a competitive market

The property market has cooled across the country and this means that sellers may need to work that little bit harder if they want to dazzle buyers and sell in a short time frame.

In the current market a lot of buyers are taking their time finding the right property and being conservative in their offers, but there are things that sellers can do to make buyers act fast!

Get to know the competition

While no two properties are ever the same, it’s worth doing some research to find out if there other properties like yours currently on the market. If buyers have a lot of options available to them it could create less urgency to buy any one particular property unless it offers them something that is rare to find.

Price for the market

If you’re looking for a quick sale then you need to price the property to meet the market. Buyers will be turned away from an asking price that is too high, after all who doesn’t want to find a bargain?

You can have a high listing price for your area, but if you do then you need to have the features and location that back up the price you are asking for, otherwise buyers will simply look for a more affordable property option.

Make your property stand out

One of the best ways to get a property sold in a competitive market is to offer a property that is more appealing than the rest. This means that it can be a good idea to do some minor cosmetic renovations, such as painting or freshening up gardens, to make the property more attractive.

Styling a property can also make it stand out to buyers and is often well worth the investment.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

If you’re confused about why your property may not be selling then try to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Is the property appealing for the price? Are there more affordable options around?

These are all things you need to ask yourself. If have a competitive asking price, your property presents well and you’re still confused as to why your property isn’t selling then it’s well worth discussing your concerns with your selling agent.

It may just be a slow market, or there could be another reason why there is a low level of interest in the property.

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