5 things families look for in a home

If you’re looking to buy your “forever home” then you’ll want to find a property that will meet your needs as you change and grow into the future.

Houses can often be renovated (or perhaps even demolished and rebuilt) if you grow out of them, however it’s easier to buy something that has everything you need from the get-go.

Think about the features you may need your home to have if new family members come along, or if toddlers turn into teenagers. Oftentimes families need to upgrade their homes because they don’t have enough bedrooms or living space to keep everyone out of each other’s hair.

If you need a little help, here are some common features that families upgrading their homes will look for:

A big backyard

Kids love to run around and play and that means that a small courtyard or deck just may not cut it. However, if you live in an urban area you might be lucky enough to have a big park nearby that provides kids with a place to stretch their little legs.

Multiple living areas

Parents often have different interests to their kids (and different television shows they want to watch) so separate living areas are often a must.

A home with a media room or a children’s play area will definitely come in handy, and you may also like to use this space to keep toys and other items out of the main living areas where they can’t be seen by guests.

Lots of bedrooms and bathrooms

While many families are happy to share bedrooms or bathrooms if they need to, the extra rooms can make family life a lot easier. Having a separate ensuite for parents in particular can make a family’s morning routine go a lot faster, and every family is grateful for more time in the day.


Safety is a number one concern, particularly for families with younger kids. They will look for a home with a secure fence to keep toddlers from escaping, as well as look out for other safety concerns such as stairs or an unruly garden.


Toys, clothes and other odd contraptions all seem to pile up as a child grows. While some things you may want to sell, other things can be hard to let go of so it’s well worth having a home with an ample amount of storage and built-in robes in bedrooms.

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