Tips for those selling over the festive season

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway with just five weeks left until the big day!

With not much time left until Christmas Day, some homeowners may hold off on selling their properties until after the New Year, however if you don’t want to wait then there are still plenty of eager buyers around.

Families in particular may be trying to secure a home before the start of the 2019 school year.

Those who do sell over the Christmas period do need to be aware that it brings about particular circumstances that are unique to this time of year, such as businesses closing for extended periods, public holidays and people being in a general frenzied state as they try to meet all of their deadlines and obligations.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are selling over the coming weeks:

Start the sales process ASAP – If you want your property to sell before the New Year then you’re going to need to act fast. Call local agents today to get their advice and to put the wheels in motion to get your property listed and sold.

Be flexible with viewings – People are notoriously busy at this time of year so try to be as accommodating as you can be in allowing potential buyers to view your property when they can.

Keep decorations subtle – Try not to go overboard with the Christmas decorations as it may make the property appear cluttered or messy. As with selling at any other time of year you should ensure the property is clean and well presented.

Consider longer settlement dates – Buyers that need to sell their own homes may need a bit more time over the Christmas/New Year period so you may have the upper hand in negotiations if you can offer a longer settlement period.

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