5 things every buyer is looking for (even if they don’t realize it!)

While it’s true that no two buyers are the same, there tends to be some common features that most people look for in a home.

Being aware of what buyers are looking for can be helpful for sellers as they can use this information when planning renovations or home staging.

  1. Big bedrooms

Large bedrooms are important for homebuyers. They want large, private master bedrooms and rooms that are big enough for the kids to play in.

Many buyers also realise that floor plans are hard to change, and it’s very difficult to increase a bedroom’s size without doing a very costly renovation.

Rooms that are size challenged can benefit from being painted in lighter colours and having proportionately sized furniture within them.

  1. Natural light

A sense of natural light can go a long way in improving people’s moods and so it’s no wonder that many people look for a property with abundant sources of natural light.

When selling it’s worth finding ways to let more light into the home, whether it’s by adding skylights, changing window treatments or trimming trees that block out natural sources of light.

  1. Lifestyle

People tend to pick homes for the lifestyle it has to offer, whether it’s a quiet country escape or a vibrant inner-city pad.

As a seller you should play up the lifestyle benefits your property offers. For those with large, rural properties you should showcase spaces to relax or large areas to entertain guests.

Smaller properties may benefit from highlighting low-maintenance aspects for those that want ease of living. Think about your buyer when selling and what they might enjoy about the property.

  1. Modern wet areas

There’s no denying that quality kitchens and bathrooms help sell homes. Many buyers are looking for freshly renovated wet areas that are move in ready.

Buyers may forgive one of these rooms being unrenovated, however if both areas are worse for wear then it can negatively impact the property. For a simple renovation on a budget consider resurfacing cupboards and/or splashbacks or just replacing some of the fittings or appliances.

  1. A homey feeling

At the end of the day all homebuyers are looking for that inexplicable feeling of warmth and welcome when they walk through the front door.

A clean and well-presented home is a good start to helping make buyers fall in love with your home. It’s well worth engaging a professional staging service to help transform your home into a relaxing oasis that buyers can connect with.

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