What should you do when it rains on the day of your open home?

question markIt’s been fairly cold and wet in Werribee of late and while a lot of people would like to stay inside during the wet weather, business has to carry on as usual.

In the case of open homes it’s true that some people may not turn up when the weather gets too rough, and during severe weather events it may be a good idea to postpone an open home altogether, however if there’s just a little bit of rain it won’t deter serious buyers from coming out.

If you decide to go ahead with an open home on a rainy day then it’s important that you take a few steps to help ensure your home is a warm and pleasant escape from the dreary weather.

Doormats are crucial during the rainy weather if you want to prevent muddy, wet feet from trampling through your house. You may also like to have a shoe rack at the front so people are encouraged to leave their shoes outside.

It is also nice when there is somewhere for umbrellas or rain coats to be put, so it could be a good idea to have a bucket or a small table or seat near the front door to place items like this.

When it’s cold it’s also a good idea to put the heater on before an open home. Remember to do this at least an hour in advance of people coming over so that rooms have a chance to warm up. If you have a heater that is loud or noisy then you might like to hide it away before anyone turns up.

Remember that homes can sometimes feel a little dark and gloomy on a rainy day so try to do your best to make it feel warm and friendly. Turn lights on, place some flowers on a table, and if you have a coffee machine then maybe even have some hot coffee ready for guests.

If you have any questions or concerns about holding an open home on a rainy day then don’t hesitate to call up your Triwest Real Estate Professionals agent for any advice. But remember if your home is clean and well presented then there’s no reason why buyers won’t fall in love with it rain, hail or shine.

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