Is Wyndham the state’s most sustainable city?

How to reduce your home’s environmental impactThe Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria (KABV) Awards have placed Wyndham in the finalist category for the state’s most sustainable city.

There are a number of local projects that have helped Wyndham earn its sustainable status, including the Green Living Series and the Lighting the West project which saw one of the biggest street lighting upgrades in Australia.

Wyndham City has also been chosen as a finalist in the Sustainable Cities of the Year Award and Werribee Primary School’s Waste Not, Want Not program has also been recognised as a finalist.

The full list of local projects that have been recognised as part of the KABV awards are as follows:

  • Green Living Series – 24 free environmental events for the community, with workshops ranging from green cleaning and urban beekeeping, all the way to tours of the Western Treatment Plant.
  • Lighting the West (Wyndham, Maribyrnong, Moonee Valley and Hobsons Bay) – The Lighting the West project will upgrade almost 26,000 80w mercury vapour streetlights to energy efficient technology across four Western suburbs municipalities as part of the largest changeover of both standard and decorative lights in Australia. Residents participated in workshops and events to implement their own energy efficiency changes.
  • Active Travel Schools Program (Alamanda K-9 College, Baden Powell & Corpus Christi) – The program saw Wyndham City work in partnership with schools to reduce traffic congestion and encourage active travel (e.g. walking) to/from school.
  • Waste Not Want Not (Werribee Primary School)- initiated a ‘Three Bin’ recycling project to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and increase the amount of recyclable materials, began a Nude Food challenge and introduced a Zero Waste Policy.
  • Commuter Heroes Sustainable Travel Challenge – a competition that encouraged Wyndham City staff to have a more sustainable commute over a four week period
  • Wyndham Environmental Youth Summit – a day dedicated to 90 student leaders from a variety of secondary schools learning about Wyndham’s biggest environmental issues and how they can make a difference. The young leaders then implemented an initiative within their school or community at the completion of the summit.
  • Litter Busters – an 18 month roadside litter campaign targeting nine major roads within Wyndham that resulted in a 50% decrease in litter at the hotspots.

It’s great to see that Wyndham is being recognised as a green and sustainable community.

An environmentally sustainable community benefits everyone and we think that the Green Living Series is a particularly good idea as it allows the community to get involved and learn more about how to be sustainable at home and work. You can follow all of the latest ‘green’ projects in the city on Facebook at

The winners for the KABV awards will be announced on Friday, 12 June 2015 and if you would like to learn more about the other cities and projects that have been nominated you can visit

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