Is Werribee the Capital of Melbourne’s New West?

Werribee ParkThe Wyndham City Council has recently launched a campaign promoting Werribee as the Capital of Melbourne’s New West.

Titled the ‘Grow Werribee’ campaign, it targets developers, businesses and investors and will hopefully help attract new developments and businesses to Werribee.

The Werribee City and Centre and East Werribee Employment Precinct are both huge growth precincts and the Wyndham region holds the current title of being the fastest growing municipality in Victoria. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Wyndham grew by 5.7 per cent last year, or 11,131 people.

With so many people moving to the West we need a local hub and Werribee is the perfect spot.

The grow Werribee campaign will strive to bring our local attractions to the attention of businesses and let them see why Werribee is and will continue to be a great place to invest in.

There are plenty of opportunities for developers in the area, with the rezoning of land in the Werribee city centre and State Government investment in the adjoining East Werribee Employment Precinct together offering over 900 hectares for development.

The council is investing in the Werribee City Centre’s central river and park precinct, which are set to create a focal point for activity and investment. This is in addition to the other recent developments in Werribee such as the new Piazza and bridges connecting the City Centre to the Werribee River and Wyndham Park.

We may be bias, but we think that Werribee is a great place to live, work and play, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Werribee will ‘grow’ in the future.

If you’re interested in finding out about investment opportunities in Werribee then you can visit the Grow Werribee website at, or head to the Werribee Development Centre at 2/10 Watton Street, Werribee.

What do you think? Is Werribee the Capital of Melbourne’s New West?

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